Nothing stirs the imagination like polar exploration.


Dixie Dansercoer and his PolarExperience team welcome you on a customised step-by-step journey toward your polar expedition.  What was once an unattainable dream may now become a tangible reality.

Why choose for PolarExperience?

  • Expertise - Dixie Dansercoer has 25 years of polar experience and is an IPGA (International Polar Guides Association) accredited Master Guide.

  • Top Quality Equipment - No compromise.  Consistent adaptations for maximum efficiency and performance.

  • Safety - No compromise.  Maximum experience and minimum calculated risk.  Bonded relationships with local partners on 24/7 stand-by.

  • Guidance - Pre-booking info sessions.  Intiation weekend with polar theory and practical immersion. Physical and mental training tips. Screening of personal clothing and advice on individual polar clothing purchases.

  • Extras - Back office with online expedition updates. Pre-expedition communication and personalised attention for thorough preparation.  On-loan hi-tech kit including among other items: camera, gps, battery pack and fur ruff.

Every element of your journey falls under Dixie and his team's professional guidance, expertise and approval. We hope you'll join us.


Planned activities with Dixie Dansercoer & his Polar Experience Team


Level 3 - Greenland South to North Crossing:  Snowkite approximately 1500 kilometres

21 August - 20 September 2020  -  Completed


Initiation Weekend:  Everything you need to know about your first polar expedition. Led by Dixie Dansercoer in the Belgian Ardennes.

24-25 October 2020  -  Next up ...

Level 3 - Antarctica - Queen Maud Land: 10 day expedition-style discovery tour

November - December 2020 (exact dates to be confirmed)

January 2021 (exact dates to be confirmed)

Level 2 - Russia - Lake Baikal:  200 kilometre expedition-style crossing of this mystical frozen lake

19 February - 02 March 2021

Level 1 - Spitsbergen:  Introductory polar expedition for the beginner level. 5 days on the ice, 4 nights in tents

4-11 March 2021

14-21 March 2021

Level 3 - North Pole Last Degree:  Ski on the Arctic Sea Ice to the North Pole with Dixie Dansercoer.

03-28 April 2021

Level 3 - Greenland Traverse: West to East crossing of Greenland by ski or kite over a route of approximately 700 kilometres

26 April - 31 May 2021


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