DAY 1: Brussels – Olso

Flight from Brussels to Oslo en further to Longyearbyen.
Overnight accommodation in a hotel in Olso if there's no flight to Longyearbyen on the same day.


DAY 2 : Olso - Longyearbyen

(Flight from Olso to Longyearbyen. Arrival around noon. Transfer to a guesthouse.) Dixie Dansercoer will take you and your fellow team members through the route, the major features of the mini-expedition and the safety guidelines. There is a check of everyone’s personal clothing and the communal equipment. Daily rations will be purchased and you will learn how to store everything on the pulks as economically as possible.


If possible, you and your team will all make your first test trip on the frozen Adventalen fjord. Together, you will set up your tents, learning how best to organise them inside. After this, you will all make the last practical agreements. The evening meal is in Longyearbyen and you will spend the night in a guesthouse once again.


DAYS 3 - 7: Five days on the ice

After collecting the firearm and fuel for the camping stoves, it will be time to get ready for the mini-expedition. Following a route drawn out on your maps, you and your team mates will spend the next few days hiking on snowshoes, pulling pulks through a glorious landscape dominated by snowfields and mountains. Although you’ll be living on the ice, your daily physical efforts will be well within reach; the daily ski will about last six hours, a distance of approximately 15km. This gives you and your team members the opportunity to take each other’s needs and abilities into account and to truly enjoy the magnificent landscape around you.

You will gradually become accustomed to the freezing temperatures and the best ways in which to stay comfortable. The rhythm of the day will allow you to enjoy the Arctic environment to the absolute max.

On the seventh day, we will return to Longyearbyen. The pulks will be unloaded and you’ll be able to enjoy a well-deserved shower! In the evening, we will relax and look back on the adventures and memories of the past few days.


DAY 8: Longyearbyen

After drying and storing the equipment that has been used, it will be time for an evaluation of the mini-expedition. The remainder of the day is yours to spend as you like in Longyearbyen. The small, picturesque Svalbard Museum is an absolute must, especially after its recent expansion featuring an exhibit on North Pole zeppelin expeditions in the beginning of the 20th century.

After a late dinner, everyone will be able to congregate and socialise together until after midnight, when it will be time for a transfer to the airport.


DAY 9: Return flight

Early morning flight to Brussels via Oslo. 




  • International flight from Brussels to and from Longyearbyen, based on economy booking class Q and dependent on availability.
    In the event that the planned booking class is not available, there will be a supplement, depending on the tariffs of what is available.

  • 1 night of accommodation in a hotel, including breakfast, in a two-person room with private bathroom in Oslo. 

  • 3 nights of accommodation in a guesthouse, including breakfast, in a two-person room with shared bathroom.

  • 4 nights of tent camping and expedition meals on the ice.

  • Expedition guide: Dixie Dansercoer.

  • During the expedition, Julie Brown from Polar Circles will provide solid follow-up from the back office.

  • The communal expedition material (tents, camping stoves, communication, navigation and safety equipment).

  • The use of the expedition material.

  • Airport taxes, VAT and warranty contributions.

  • 2 pieces of checked luggage (maximum weight: 23kg and maximum measurements: 158cm).

  • 1 piece of carry-on luggage (maximum weight: 8kg and maximum measurements: 55x40x23cm).

  • Rental of specific polar material (equipment list will be provided after booking).


  • The airport transfers in Longyearbyen and Olso (Approximate price: 180 NOK there/back)

    Please provide your own Norwegian Crowns.

  • Lunches (days 2 + 8), the evening meal (days 2 + 7 + 8).

  • Personal equipment and expenses of a personal nature.

    Personal equipment can be purchased at reduced prices.
    (details will be provided in the equipment list upon booking).


Min. 6 - Max. 10 participants.
(There will be a second guide provided when there are 6 or more participants.) 

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