• Julie Brown

Wolf's Fang Adventure Camp

At approximately 13:30 GMT our team set foot on the Antarctic Continent!

Bernice, Rosa, Sylvianne and Dixie enjoyed a splendid flight from Cape Town International (see photo above) to Wolf's Fang Runway, a journey that lasted just over 5 1/2 hours. They were greeted by bright sunshine and an ambient air temperature of -11°C in their magical polar destination.

It took a bit of time to unload gear, organise their new camp, and become familiar with their new surroundings. They were invited by the staff at Wolf's Fang Adventure Camp to share a celebratory dinner in honour of the 50th Flight to arrive at this relatively new White Desert airstrip. Dixie used his satellite phone to make a brief update this evening, an account full of pride with a voice that sounded admittedly exhausted.

We hope to receive imagery from Dixie and the team over the course of their expedition and will share any photos as soon as they are transmitted. In the meantime, we wish our team sweet dreams in their beloved Antarctic paradise.

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