• Julie Brown

Winds of Change

Bernice, Sylvianne and Rosa couldn't resist any longer their growing curiosity regarding a mountain in the vicinity of their camp. Yesterday, together with Dixie, they decided to climb it. Their reward: endless vistas of a place that is etching itself deeper and deeper into their souls.

Windy weather and nearly constant cloud cover gave them a wind chill temperature of around -13°C during their climb. By late afternoon, after celebrating their little success, they returned to the shelter of their camp where they decided (unanimously!) to enjoy a rare and necessary siesta. They kept their evening relatively calm and soaked up a bit of physical rest in anticipation of their charged days ahead.

Today they are planning to organise their gear in order to pack for tonight's scheduled flight back to Wolf's Fang Adventure Camp. Weather depending, they should begin their journey back to White Desert Air Strip at around 23:00 with their 30 minute flight scheduled to depart just after midnight.

The winds of change are indeed announcing some inclement weather, but so far the forecast doesn't show anything too nasty. We look forward to hearing more from our team once they get settled at Wolf's Fang tomorrow.

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