• Julie Brown

What a day!

Dixie and his team experienced an exceptionally long day yesterday, one filled with symbolism on all levels.

Sylvianne, Rosa, Bernice and Dixie paid an extended visit to a nearby ice cave, one made unusually accessible due to the meteorological conditions this year. The intense polar blue is simply mesmerising !

Along their path, they passed Maitri Research Station and were generously invited inside for a short visit. They were immediately transported to India, complete with its unique spicy scents and spiritual sights. Most profound - and a sign of true generosity - they were treated to a full Indian lunch which was deeply appreciated by all.

When they returned to their camp in the evening, they found an Antarctic skua guarding their tents. Skuas are scavengers and can be quite aggressive with humans, but this guy simply wanted to say hello and eventually flew off on his merry way.

The group's flight to Wolf's Fang departed in the wee hours of this morning with their arrival taking place at 02:00 AM. Dixie expressed that their fatigue, combined with the cold wind at Wolf's Fang, made for a challenging few hours of camp installation and reorganisation.

Today, the team was expected to head out of the base camp to explore the area around the nearby mountains and the ice cap in the far distance.

While they are in the Antarctic "bush", they will check in each evening with the Wolf's Fang base camp to report their position, thus ensuring a safety backup at all times.

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