• Julie Brown

Tomorrow's Forecast: a hot shower and a warm bed

Our Spitsbergen Team is spending its final night on the ice after having completed a remarkable expedition. They are camped just 8 kilometres from Longyearbyen.

Earlier today the wind helped push them as they descended down the Scott Turner Breen toward the Adventdalen in temperatures that warmed to around -18°C. Dixie expressed his pride at how each participant handled the constant challenges throughout this experience, particularly the harsh cold that stayed with them the entire time. Most of these participants were completing their very first Polar Experience and they did so with style and determination.

The group should be back in Longyearbyen tomorrow by noon where they will unpack their expedition gear, savour a hot shower, gulp a refreshing cold beverage or two, and enjoy their well-deserved celebratory dinner.

Congratulations to Anne, Annabel, Ben, Harry, Jonathan, Mathias & Virgile!

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