• Julie Brown

Spitsbergen - Day 4

Sometimes the happiest ending isn't the one you keep longing for, but something you absolutely cannot see from where you are.

Shauna Niequist

It's the last night on the ice for our Spitsbergen team.

After a long day of intense activity, they descended back down the Bolterdalen and are now camped just one kilometre from the Adventdalen. Their final campsite is:

It's always a bittersweet emotion that permeates the atmosphere on the final night of an expedition. Each participant has finally found a cadence for thriving in his or her new polar environment and now it's time to prepare for the return to civilisation.

One craves a hot shower and a fluffy bed, yet at the same time there is a very real desire to stay out in pristine nature just a bit longer. One craves contact with loved ones far away, yet admittedly most participants are thriving without constant communication with the outside world.

It's as if a cocoon is about to burst open and each person will evolve from this experience slightly changed. Spitsbergen leaves its mark on every privileged visitor and our participants are no different. They will return home no longer novices but genuinely experienced polar adventurers.

Dixie reported that everyone was asleep early tonight in the hope of catching significant rest before each person's respective bear watch duties. Tomorrow morning they will pack up their tents and sleds for the last time and trek back to Longyearbyen with arrival planned around the noon hour.

It is our deepest wish that they be blessed with an Aurora show on this special night ... we shall see.

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