• Julie Brown

Spitsbergen - Day 3


No other word describes the current location of our Spitsbergen team tonight.

They have set up camp at the top of the Scott Turner Breen, an area full of extensive ice caves and magnificent vistas.

This morning - after a long night of bear watch duties which showed neither bears nor Aurora - the group began to cook breakfast under bright blue skies with the shy late winter sun coyly hiding behind the horizon. After packing up camp, they continued their climb to the top of the mountain where the magical ice caves awaited.

Dixie encouraged the group to set up an early base camp just after the lunch hour. From there, they could freely explore the ice caves without the weight of sleds behind them.

They finished their unforgettable afternoon with an apéritif in camp.

Our team's current location:

Tomorrow will begin the slow return to Longyearbyen and will mark the last full day on the ice. Tonight, each participant is sound asleep in his or her cozy tent after a strenuous day of discovery.

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