• Julie Brown

Spitsbergen - Day 1 - Adventdalen

Our Spitsbergen team set out on their 5 day expedition this morning at 10:00. They meandered along the Adventdalen, the main valley that runs east to west outside of Longyearbyen.

The first day of any polar expedition requires time and patience in order to find one's cadence for progression. The art of pulling a sled often necessitates a somewhat frustrating process of trial and error, but this group made excellent advancement. They operated in what is predicted to be the coldest conditions of the entire expedition with temperatures hovering around -20°C. The days to come show a significant warming trend in the weather forecast.

Near the end of the day, our group made a left turn and headed south from the main valley to begin a steady climb toward their first campsite. While the wind in their backs was favourable in the early hours of their trek, its direction shifted and made their camp setup a bit uncomfortable. Once inside their tents, the first task was to brush excess ice and snow from their clothes. They then proceeded to light their stoves and boil water to make refreshing hot soup as apéritif, followed by dinner. Everyone is now cozy in their sleeping bags and when Dixie called at 19:40 local time, the team was ready for a good night's sleep.

Here is their current location:

Tomorrow Dixie is planning to descend back to the main valley and cross to the opposite side for a long climb up to a very special place. In the meantime, we wish everyone some solid sleep and sweet dreams in their polar paradise.

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