• Julie Brown

Spectacular farewell to Ulvetanna

The weather cleared late last night, which gave our team an extra bit of motivation to head out early this morning. Everyone was awake by 05:30 and ready to go, even if it meant bidding this spectacular corner of Antarctica a fond farewell.

The vistas along their seven hour trek continued to miraculously increase in beauty. It was a day of serenity and awe.

While the ambient temperature was not too cold, a stiff breeze in the face gave them a wind chill factor of about -10°C. At one point they were forced to make a wide detour around a crevasse zone, but after that they were able to hold a straight line toward Wolf's Fang Camp which is now just under 16 kilometres away.

Tomorrow, Rosa, Sylvianne and Bernice will enjoy their final full expedition day with Dixie. They hope to arrive at Wolf's Fang Camp by evening, where if the current schedule holds, they will spend their final nights on the Antarctic continent. Their return flight to Cape Town is planned for the morning of December 13th.

For now, the team is enjoying every last moment of this fantastic expedition and trying to stay mindful instead of looking too far ahead. Antarctica is meant to be savoured!

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