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Day 10 - Resilience

Over the past two days, our Greenland Traverse teams have demonstrated the very definition of resilience.

Both groups have decided to make a slight deviation and are heading to Dye 2. Why would they choose to do so?

Dye 2 represents an anomaly in the day-to-day monotony of a lengthy expedition on the vast Greenland Ice Sheet. It's a bizarre sign of life in an otherwise barren landscape, a place that allows an expedition member to refresh his or her perspective due to the various sensual stimulations that it offers.

In the case of Henk-Jan's kite team, Dye 2 also represents a bit of welcome civilisation since sporadic US military flights still use this location. Raven Camp, a mini-logistics support base, operates on a limited basis at Dye 2 for these flights.

Before the expedition's departure in Kangerlussuaq, Henk-Jan had the unfortunate luck of receiving his expedition fuel supply from what appears to be the bottom of the container. The expedition stoves have been suffering from bothersome residue that clogs the fickle stove connections and results in constant issues while burning. The team has been using every technique possible to clean and unclog the stove parts, a task made exceedingly tedious after a full day of progression.

As fate would have it, a Norwegian expedition team from Bergans quite miraculously crossed paths with our group yesterday. That team was dealing with similar exasperating fuel issues and generously offered Henk-Jan an extra stove that they were carrying. This kindness among strangers is not only deeply appreciated but allows our group to continue now with less worry. Once they arrive at Dye 2, they are hoping to have a bit of respite to devise a more sustainable solution for this problem.

A significant wind from the SE is not conducive for kiting at the moment, although the team made a brief valiant attempt yesterday.

Despite these annoyances, Cordula, Lorenz and Henk-Jan still managed to progress a strong additional 20 kilometres yesterday and are currently approximately 73 kilometres from Dye 2.

Despite the head-on wind, Manu's team finds itself currently 39 kilometres from Dye 2 after having marched 21 kilometres yesterday. The team members are in excellent spirits and health, although Jean-Philippe is dealing with a bit of knee pain and manageable blisters.

Temperatures for both teams are now solidly under the freezing point. Manu's team began their early morning yesterday in -17°C frigid air, but were confronted with warmer temperatures in the afternoon of -4°C. Henk-Jan's team is still a bit lower in altitude and reported temperatures between -10°C and -4°C. Some cloud cover has moved into the area which provides a welcome intermission from the blaring sun of the past few days.

You may follow both teams via Live Explorer with live tracking:

Manu's Manhaul Team:

Henk-Jan's Kite Team:

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