• Julie Brown


Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. Albert Einstein

-27°C is our team's current reality as they settle in for their first night's sleep on the ice.

Their camp's location:

N 78° 11 26

E 16° 04 43

Dixie explained that the group set off from the settlement of Longyearbyen a bit later than he had hoped due to a slightly chaotic start this morning. It took a bit of time for everyone to find his or her cadence in this newly foreign polar atmosphere, but once they were underway everything fell nicely into place.

The team progressed approximately 15 kilometres and made several stops along the way to take pictures, drink some warm beverages and snack on daily rations.

By early evening, they established their first camp under clear skies and amongst frigid temperatures. Thick cozy sleeping bags and a steaming hot dinner under the stars made for an unforgettable end to their first day on the ice. In other words, Spitsbergen at its finest!

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