• Julie Brown

Ready for launch!

Our Polar Experience Level 1 Spitsbergen Expedition Team is now underway toward Longyearbyen, the largest settlement on the island of Spitsbergen in the breathtaking Svalbard Archipelago.

A large number of the group - Jonathan, Annabel, Harry, Ben and Anne departed together with Dixie from Brussels Airport this evening. Mathias & Virgile, our father-son duo from France, headed north earlier today and our wonderful co-guide Rob Vercauteren is already waiting to join the others at their interim stop in Oslo.

Each participant has dedicated months of preparation in order to have reached this moment and each personal story is inspiring. Over the next nine days, they will form a team that will assist each other in facing any challenges that will arrive. The vibe already among the group is fun and a positive spirit of cooperation reigns.

Should all travel proceed according to schedule, the team will land in Longyearbyen just after midnight tonight. After a well deserved sleep at Mary-Ann's Polarriggen they will spend tomorrow in full preparation mode.

Their expected first steps on the ice will be on the morning of Tuesday, March 5th.

We wish this very special group of adventurous souls safe and unforgettable travels.

Many thanks as always to our trusted travel partner Zuiderhuis.

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