• Julie Brown

Preparation Day

May your adventures bring you closer together even as they take you far away from home.

Trenton Lee Stewart

After arriving into Longyearbyen in the wee hours of the morning, our Spitsbergen Expedition Team wasted no time in preparing for their grand adventure. They slept a few hours at Mary-Ann's Polarrigg, a cozy guest house just outside of the settlement and awakened to a delicious Arctic breakfast. They then spent the rest of the day organising and testing their equipment, shopping for food rations, and packing their sleds.

Tonight they met for a hot tasty dinner at Kroa, a legendary gathering spot for memorable moments and refreshing cold beer. Dixie called to say that everyone was turning in relatively early to get a good night's sleep before tomorrow's departure.

If all goes as planned, our team will take its first steps on the ice at 10:00 tomorrow morning. Dixie is planning to trek along the Adventdalen, a long wide valley that heads into the wilderness outside of Longyearbyen.

The weather forecast for tomorrow looks quite good, with an unusually generous wind in the back for their first hours of progress and temperatures expected to be around -22°C. The atmosphere among the group is outstanding which makes polar guide Dixie very pleased.

We wish everyone sweet dreams and deep sleep in their comfortable beds tonight.

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