• Julie Brown

Polar Freedom

Our expedition team has departed Wolf's Fang Adventure Camp and is now meandering its way in total autonomy toward the mountains surrounding Ulvetanna Peak.

Rosa, Bernice and Sylvianne progressed with Dixie approximately 10 kilometres from Wolf's Fang, an admirable distance considering their short night of sleep, an increasingly uphill terrain, and their first day of sled pulling.

The forecasted inclement weather has yet to materialise with any significant intensity, so all is well on that front.

Last night, our team established its first campsite at the following coordinates:

S 71° 34 53

E 08° 37 04

Dixie invited the ladies to join him in his tent for dinner, a special meal with surprises from Sylvianne in honour of Saint Nicolas. December 6th is a grand holiday in Sylvianne and Dixie's home country of Belgium, especially for our Belgian children who receive gifts and are spoiled with delicious chocolates, marzipan and spiced cookies called speculoos. Somehow Sylvianne snuck chocolates & speculoos in her gear and her very grateful teammates delighted in each sweet bite.

Dixie's voice during each evening update swells with pride over the stamina of his team. Already halfway through their Antarctic expedition, Bernice, Sylvianne and Rosa are progressing with style and stamina.

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