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Dixie and the rest of our Polar Experience team were thrilled to witness three inspiring success stories resulting from the admirable endeavours of Rod Young, Pavel Sehnal and Colin O'Brady, all of whom utilised our polar consultancy services in 2018. CONGRATULATIONS to all!

Rod and Pavel accomplished their ambitious goal of reaching the South Pole by trekking 111 kilometres to it via the Last Degree. Rod has been meticulously preparing for many months together with Dixie for this very impressive goal, including an extensive training in Greenland last September.

Pavel completed the Last Degree to the North Pole with Dixie in April 2017 and felt naturally compelled to balance the achievement down in Antarctica. Together, Rod and Pavel phoned our Belgian home office from the South Pole itself just a short time after their arrival, a moment that made our hearts beat with unabashed "humblebrag" pride.

Many thanks to the Expeditions Unlimited team for their expertise in Antarctic travel arrangements.

Colin O'Brady accomplished his Impossible First Expedition at the end of December, a highly publicised Antarctic race that was covered in major media outlets around the globe. Dixie assisted Colin with his diligent expedition preparation by focusing on safety, equipment, food & training tips. Colin's safe arrival at the finish was a moment to be celebrated.

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