• Julie Brown

No filter

Yesterday's exploration led our team to the edge of the Antarctic continent, a magical spot where the sea ice glues to the fast terrain. Dixie was able to send one image via satellite connection late last night, and it is spectacular. No filter, indeed.

As one can see, the sun shone brightly again yesterday and our participants enjoyed the warmest temperatures so far in this expedition. It was close to 0°C in the solar rays with little to no wind. Such conditions made for the perfect moment to tour a nearby ice cave in the midst of their strenuous hike.

Later in the day, the weather conditions began a shift toward what is predicted to become rather inclement conditions in the next few days. When they returned to camp last evening, the wind was slightly noticeable as any loose items, including tent canvas, flapped at each breeze's mercy. Before preparing dinner, Rosa, Bernice and Sylvianne joined Dixie in a brief but necessary camp review where they secured any potentially slackened items from eventually blowing away. They then enjoyed a hearty dinner together before sleeping early after their arduous day of polar activity.

As with any polar expedition, the weather conditions demand attention and respect. Dixie, together with our local logistics provider White Desert, is keeping a keen eye on the forecast and making itinerary adjustments accordingly. Should truly unpleasant weather manifest, Dixie will keep his team sheltered together in camp. A rest day in a cozy tent can offer a welcome moment to reflect and reorganise for the days ahead.

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