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Day 10 - Nineties Nostalgia

"Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin

I came to win, battle me that's a sin ...

I came to get down, I came to get down

So get our your seat and jump around!" Jump Around by House of Pain

While Matthieu was only born in the nineties, it seems as if our team members have been living a bit of that decade's nostalgia over the past few days. Once again, they completed 90 kilometres of progress during yesterday's workday, steadily flirting with the possibility to pass the century mark during this snow-kite expedition.

Matthieu captured the serenity of the moment in this stunning photo above.

Dixie has guided the team toward a working altitude of around 1900 metres, a tactical decision with two distinct advantages: it enhances the opportunity to kite on solidly snow-covered terrain and increases the chance of useable wind.

The downside? Temperatures this morning had dropped to -14°C and were expected to plummet even further in the next few days.

Their current position:

N 69 17 18

W 46 15 07

Dixie, Lorenz, Cordula & Matthieu are all exercising prudent caution to prevent frostbite in these frigid conditions. Their food is abundant and their MSR stoves are working flawlessly, which means for plenty of hot meals and warming beverages.

Dixie reported white-out conditions this morning, which unfortunately means that their solar panels won't be charging to fully power their electronics. They are thus behaving conservatively with their batteries, especially since the deep cold depletes them much faster than under normal circumstances.

White-out conditions also signify the need to wait safely in camp until visual markings reappear on the Greenland Ice Cap. It is simply too dangerous to try to progress without decent visibility and so our team is patiently waiting for nature to bless them with their departure permit.

For more information on our team's progress, please visit to the following links:

Expeditions Unlimited (French & English):

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Matthieu Tordeur (French):

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