• Julie Brown

New Year Activities

2020 is a year bursting with various activities here at Polar Experience. Dixie started off the month of January in Switzerland with a customised snow-kite training in Oberwalis and a polar initiation cold training in the Aletsch Arena and Chäserstatt.

Dixie then headed south via Cape Town to Antarctica to guide our very special client from China, Mr. Zhang, in Queen Maud Land. Mr. Zhang is a passionate snowboarder with big plans for polar exploration and we were able to arrange his first Antarctic experience together with Expeditions Unlimited and White Desert.

Polar training and initiation into polar exploration are at the core of our Polar Experience programs. This year in particular will see several novices accompany Dixie on their Arctic and Antarctic adventures. It's an exciting 2020 ahead and we hope you'll join us via this blog ... or who knows ... out on the ice in one of our magical destinations.

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