• Julie Brown

Leap of Faith

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

So here we are.

More than five months ago in mid-March, Dixie returned from Svalbard to our Belgian home thinking that he only had a few days to rejuvenate before his scheduled departure to the North Pole. Three days later, together with the rest of the world, we began a series of restrictions and lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have spent our relatively immobile time - like most humans around the world - in Resilience Exponential Modus. We clearly weren't alone.

Two of our valued clients, Cordula Netzer and Lorenz Guerke, demonstrated tenacious commitment toward the recuperation of their postponed May trip to Greenland. Their admirable flexibility, together with the unwavering determination of Eric Bonnem of Expeditions Unlimited, enabled us this week to launch our Greenland South to North Snowkite Expedition. We are thrilled to have renowned French adventurer Matthieu Tordeur join us on this uniquely ambitious undertaking.

Our team landed in Kangerlussuaq from Copenhagen today around noon local time.

The road to Greenland has been paved with understandably strict protocols designed to protect the relatively unscathed local population from Covid transmission. We have painstakingly followed each requirement as outlined by both governments of Denmark and Greenland, including the obvious proof of negative Covid test results for each of our participants. Quarantine regulations in Copenhagen were strenuously respected and will be repeated in Kangerlussuaq, where a minimum of human contact will be had.

Once our team heads out on the Greenland Icecap, they will respect a 14-day convention that prevents potential viral transmission among the team members. They will establish one camp divided into two distinct bubbles. Within the 2-person tents, the participants will sleep head to toe. There will be no sharing of food, drink, cutlery or thermoses. Masks will be used in camp when social distance is impossible.

All of that said, the time has come for Dixie, Matthieu, Cordula and Lorenz to live a grand adventure, one that reminds us of the passionate side of life. According to Finn Nielsen from the Greenland Ministry of Nature and Environment, they are the only snow kite expedition in Greenland this season, together with four expedition teams with plans to cross the icecap. All other Greenland expeditions have been postponed until 2021.

It will be a sincere pleasure and an honour to share their story with you over the next month.

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