• Julie Brown


For me a true landscape is not just a representation of a desert or a forest. It shows an inner state of mind, literally inner landscapes, and it is the human soul that is visible through the landscapes presented in my films.

— Werner Herzog

Day 1 of our Spitsbergen Expedition was filled with an awe-inspiring discovery of Svalbard's majestic terrain combined with a slow revelation of each participant's inner landscape. It was an extraordinarily beautiful day with much sunshine and a fickle breeze, with a starting temperature this morning of -19°C.

The group departed Longyearbyen with the wind in their faces as they headed towards the Adventdalen, but the gusts blissfully switched to push behind their backs as they shifted across the Adventfjorden toward the opposite side of the settlement. The team progressed for a demanding total of six hours, with the final two hours in a steady climb up an increasingly narrow valley. There they were teased with katabatic winds that pushed down from the mountain peaks above, breezes that eventually subsided as the group rose in altitude.

They established their first camp of the expedition at the following location:

N 78° 17 00

E 15° 46 42

Due to each participant's previous experience, progression is being made via skis during this expedition, a mode of transport that allows for more distance than a typical introductory expedition. Spirits are excellent and everyone is eager to continue the adventure after a good night's sleep.

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