• Julie Brown

Lake Baikal's Western Shoreline

On this fine Sunday evening, our determined explorers are enjoying a sound sleep in their cozy tent on Lake Baikal after having covered an additional 25 kilometres of progress earlier today.

Dixie has designed a trajectory that hugs the western shoreline of the lake, although the skies have been so clear that they can see the eastern edge from time to time.

Their current position is:

N 52° 26 14

E 105° 56 20

It was an exceptionally beautiful day on very dynamic ice. The temperatures hovered around -21°C but the bright sunshine warmed the participants and even had Dixie sweating a bit.

The team has developed a strong cadence and their increase in progression shows that they are cooperating in an excellent rhythm. Dixie explained during his Iridium Satellite phone call this evening that the natural beauty of their surroundings is simply overwhelming at times. The amazing atmosphere of Lake Baikal has deeply charmed our team.

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