• Julie Brown

Lake Baikal BBQ

It was another beautiful day for our Lake Baikal Expedition team with bright sunshine and a fresh breeze from the north. Temperatures remained around -13°C during the day and were dropping already to -16°C when Dixie phoned this evening with his update.

After covering more than 22 kilometres around several compression zones, the team made a zig-zag line toward the tempting shore where they decided to pitch camp on a sandy beach. Soon they had a bonfire crackling and were roasting sausages and fish for their dinner.

Their current position:

N 52° 33 52

E 106° 10 46

The hope was to finally experience an Aurora Borealis show tonight as they've been on the lookout for the Northern Lights ever since they started the expedition.

The weather forecast for the next three days looks outstanding, with temperatures rising in the day to 0°C and nighttime temps dipping to around -8°C.

Regarding the distance covered, our team is halfway to their destination on Olkhon Island. Tomorrow they'll return to the frozen lake to continue their steady progress and enjoy the endless views as they glance below the icy surface toward the many intriguing natural wonders of Lake Baikal.

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