• Julie Brown

Homeward bound

Incessant Antarctic winds tried their best to hinder progress, but our team persevered and covered 11 kilometres today toward Wolf's Fang Camp. They are now blissfully settled approximately 5 kilometres from Wolf's Fang, heartily enjoying their final night of complete Antarctic autonomy.

Their position:

S 71° 34 20

E 08° 43 25

Dixie phoned tonight and described a "Great day!" that started with a grand snow-kite session for Bernice and himself. Afterward, the group packed up their tents and began to pull their sleds toward Wolf's Fang, which will be their final base camp before departing Antarctica.

Along the way, they carefully navigated two crevasse zones, one clearly visible in the photo above and a smaller one which was slightly hidden. One of Sylvianne's skis went through a snow bridge which covered the thin crevasse, and her excellent instinct (and training) caused her to react perfectly by rolling sideways. She was able to lift her ski back out quite effortlessly and the team continued on its way with Dixie in the lead.

The temperature tonight at their final camp is -5°C. Everyone sniffs the end of this grand expedition and the emotions tonight range from celebration to a bit of sadness for the coming departure. While it's confusing to arrive in Antarctica, and requires a great deal of adaptation to function there, it's even more baffling to part ways with this special place and return to "real" life. Dixie will assist Bernice, Rosa and Sylvianne with their re-entry process starting tonight.

Tomorrow, Dixie plans to arrive with the group at Wolf's Fang in the early afternoon where they will dry out their gear, organise and re-pack for the flight back to Cape Town which is currently scheduled for Friday morning, December 13th.

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