• Julie Brown

Happy Holidays from your Polar Experience Team!

This time of year marks the start of our new guiding season, one that has kicked off with a reconnaissance trip for Dixie in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. In the spirit of turning bitter lemons into a sweet refreshing drink, he has regrouped after the postponement of Rosa's guided trip and is completing investigative research activities for future guiding trips in this region, together with our trusted logistics partners, White Desert and Expeditions Unlimited.

Our Polar Experience co-guides have also been busy with a variety of interesting and truly admirable side activities.

Henk-Jan Geel has managed the communications for Clean2Antarctica, a ground-breaking initiative to power a solar vehicle to the South Pole. Henk-Jan appeared on BBC World News on December 19th to provide a global update.

Manu Poudelet has been working for several months at the Belgian Princess Elisabeth Research Station in Antarctica. This is his first trip to our Seventh Continent, but hopefully not his last.

The rest of our team is in full preparatory mode for our approaching trips to Switzerland and Norway in January 2019 and to Greenland and Russia's Lake Baikal in February 2019.

From there we'll take our Polar Experience Level 1 participants to Spitsbergen/Svalbard and keep moving as far north as possible with our Level 3 North Pole participants.

As we bring 2018 to a close, we wish each of you robust health and moments of profound discovery in 2019.

Happy New Year!

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