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Greenland Spring

Updated: May 6, 2019

As May blossoms, Polar Experience has moved its guiding activities to Greenland.

Our trusted Polar Experience guides Henk-Jan Geel and Manu Poudelet have arrived safely in Kangerlussuaq with their two customised groups who are ready to traverse Greenland.

The complete team experienced a complicated mini-expedition during their travels to Greenland due to last minute flight cancellations in Copenhagen caused by an SAS Airline strike. Everyone managed to seamlessly navigate the imposed hurdles and they were all able to hold to schedule by landing in Kangerlussuaq yesterday just before noon.

Our two expeditions have been tailored to allow our Swiss duo, Cordula and Lorenz, to use kites to complete their journey of approximately 700 kilometres (depending on detours) as they sail in Henk-Jan's expert guidance to the east coast near Kulusuk.

Our other ambitious Swiss-French-American group consisting of Rohan, Mathieu and Jean-Philippe will join Manu in a demanding trek of the similar distance using the man-haul method of sled pulling.

Each expedition route was designed by the guides together with Dixie, who will offer technical and communications support throughout the duration, and our travel expert Eric Bonnem from Expeditions Unlimited. The autonomous parameters allow for an expedition length anywhere from 18-25 days for Henk-Jan's kite group and 25-30 days for Manu's man-haul team. Each group is provisioned with extra food supplies should they exceed the plan by a few days and the individual sled weight per participant is expected to be somewhere around 80 kilograms.

Today in Kangerlussuaq the springtime temperature is a balmy 11°C. The team is using May Day (a holiday here in much of Europe) to recover from yesterday's travels and to organise their sleds for tomorrow's expected departure. Temperatures will plummet in correlation with their climb up to the ice cap, where we are expecting more typical polar conditions to prevail.

You can follow these expeditions live on the following sites in both French and English:

Manu's Team:

Henk-Jan's Team:

We will also share anecdotes of their progress here on a regular basis throughout their challenging quest to traverse Greenland.

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