• Julie Brown

Gear packed & ready to go

He who would travel happily must travel light.

Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

This morning Dixie gathered with his team for the mandatory Safety Briefing hosted by White Desert. Bernice, Rosa and Sylvianne listened attentively to the vast amount of useful information regarding their flight to Wolf's Fang Runway and their stay in Antarctica. They then weighed their meticulously packed gear and sent their bags off for cargo load.

Most importantly, the flight schedule was confirmed and our team will depart tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM from Cape Town International Airport. The flight duration is expected to be around 6 hours and everyone will reset their watches to White Desert's operating GMT Time Zone. They have been functioning at GMT +2 in Cape Town over the last few days.

Once in Antarctica, our team will unload their gear and get settled for the night at Wolf's Fang Camp. They have a charged itinerary ahead for the next two weeks, but the first night is an obligatory celebration to have finally made this dream a reality.

Tonight our participants are enjoying the last vibrant sights, piercing sounds, and spicy tastes of their little slice of Cape Town heaven. They ate a sublime fish dinner at Dunes, a quaint restaurant perched on the beach in Hout Bay. Dixie asked the team to try to get to bed at a reasonable hour in order to be fresh for tomorrow's travels. Everyone is understandably excited, so it is assumed that a bit of restlessness may inhibit deep sleep.

On the cusp of departure, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank Eric Bonnem and his Expeditions Unlimited Team for their dedicated logistics wizardry over the last year in order to make this expedition a reality. We'd also like to thank our dear hosts at Cap Serein Guest House for their outstanding hospitality for Dixie and his team.

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