• Julie Brown

First Steps in Antarctica

Late last night, we received this beautiful image of Sylvianne, Rosa and Bernice navigating their first Antarctic steps on the slick blue ice around Wolf's Fang Camp.

When one arrives in Antarctica for the first time, one experiences a complete paradigm shift of dynamic proportions. Each physical movement and every intellectual perception requires a new cadence - and a deeper humility - imposed by Nature in its purest form.

Time eventually slows just enough to allow a person to adapt to this unique and admittedly privileged lifestyle. The pressures of our civilised world fade and when remembered in a rogue moment seem downright absurd. Our human condition permeated by tight schedules, materialism, judgment and conflict shrinks in comparison to Nature's dominance over our Earth's 7th Continent. When beauty reigns, it is a seemingly endless regal spectacle almost impossible to describe. When storms rage, one stops, takes shelter, and listens carefully to the eventual signal that Nature's fury has subsided.

Simplicity replaces complexity. One imperfect image via satellite connection replaces thousands of photos and videos clogging our smartphones. A hot soup for apéritif tastes more delightful than any champagne. A sleeping bag becomes a silky cocoon and each new morning one awakens more open to our planet's intricate signals.

It is a privilege to share virtual glimpses of this remote place via the eyes of our team. Enjoy the next few weeks with them!

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