• Julie Brown

Diving into Spitsbergen

After a long challenging climb up to the end of the Scott Turner Breen, our expedition team dove (literally!) into the depths of Spitsbergen.

Dixie phoned this evening to report that they were camped in beautiful weather under clear skies. The evening temperature dipped down to -21°C, but the spirits among the team rose due to the hope of a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis.

Current position:

N 78° 05 58

E 15° 54 37

Progression remained demanding due to the crusty layer of snow that acted as sand paper under the sleds. In other words, pulling was more taxing than normal and the pace was slower than expected. Even though the sun was shining brightly, they were stuck in the cooler shadow for most of their climb in the valley.

Still, the team performed with strength and positivity and were rewarded with a visit to not one but two ice caves near their camping spot.

It was a grand day and one which left the participants in awe of their own strengths. Well done!

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