• Julie Brown

Deeper into Antarctica

Since Saturday evening, our team has been travelling in order to explore deeper into the vast Antarctic continent.

They departed Wolf's Fang Adventure Camp and headed by Basler Aircraft to the White Desert Air Strip located approximately 10 kilometres from White Desert's Whichaway Camp. From the runway, they headed toward Whichaway and established their own independent tent camp in the relatively nearby vicinity.

Such a displacement requires a large amount of equipment reorganisation, and Dixie led Sylvianne, Rosa & Bernice through the painstaking process on Sunday.

Today, the group will enjoy the opportunity to explore this amazing location and fine-tune some of their technical skills that will be used as the expedition evolves.

Everyone is in excellent spirits. It has taken a few days to adapt to the cold, a normal process that is made more intense due to the intense South African sun that they enjoyed in the days before Antarctica. Temperatures are hovering around - 10°C which is a very kind number for the polar regions.

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