• Julie Brown

Day 8 - Productive Rest

Yesterday's weather remained prohibitive for any significant advancement, so Dixie called for a complete rest day at their current camp position. The rain of early morning turned to snowfall which blanketed the icy landscape with a protective layer of fresh powder.

During an expedition - as it is with any busy lifestyle - a complete day of rest can be one of the most productive decisions that a weary person can make. That said, being trapped in a restrictive tent when one wishes to sail out in the big wide open, means that small equipment repair tasks make for a welcome distraction.

Dixie and Matthieu thus transformed their tent into a mini-workshop where they could work on their sleds, equipment pieces that have taken an immense beating in the first week of this expedition.

All of the team members also enjoyed the chance to truly resource by listening to music, reading and simply recovering from the physical intensity of the last week. Dixie dove into Born a Crime by Trevor Noah and allowed himself to float away from the increasingly frigid Greenland climate to South Africa, a beloved launch pad for our Antarctic expeditions in Queen Maud Land.

After a solid night's sleep, Cordula, Lorenz, Matthieu and Dixie all awakened early, which was a good thing because by early this morning, the precipitation had given way to this:

Outstanding visibility, winds of around 8-10 knots, and a carpet of fresh snow.

And, they're off!

Several of you have asked about Dixie's kite choices for this expedition. We are honoured to have a new kite partner, Gin Kites based in Switzerland, and Dixie brought along their 6 and 12 metre kites for the first time on this expedition. Today the group is looking to progress with the 12 metre kite.

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