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Day 7 - Searching for wind

Henk-Jan's team is exploring all options in the hope of snagging an advantageous breeze.

According to our current weather forecast provided by polar weather expert Marc De Keyser:

The Greenlandic powerful anticyclone continues to determine the weather. This pressure system dries out the air mass and generates rather weak winds for the time being.

As soon as a puff of air signals a "go," Henk-Jan has indicated that he, Lorenz & Cordula are willing to adapt their schedules to be able to kite at any hour, even considering a night shift. In the meantime, they progress forward in manhaul fashion and hone their physical and mental strength. The determined team managed to progress an admirable 12.3 kilometres yesterday.

For Manu and his hardy trio, the current weather conditions are providing opportunity for outstanding progression with their relatively lighter sleds.

Manu reported that the past two days have garnered an extremely profitable 25 kilometres per session, especially since the team is starting each day at 04:00 and marching for up to ten hours. Why such an early wake up call? The nighttime temperatures allow for the ice beneath their feet to solidify, making for smooth progression. The intensity of the sun is also lessened by the cooler temperatures of the wee hours. The team is currently about 110 kilometres from Dye 2, an iconic reminder of the Cold War that curiously blots the otherwise empty landscape.

Temperatures on the ice for both of our teams are way too warm for their preference. Daily highs are around +2°C and nighttime lows around -8°C. Due to these balmy conditions, Manu reports that they are eating much less food than expected, but are consuming more water than normal.

You may follow these expeditions live at Expeditions Unlimited, our trusted travel and logistics partner, in both French and English:

Manu's Team:

Henk-Jan's Team:

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