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Day 7 - Airborne!

Then it was intoxicating. The smooth takeoff, and the free feeling of having the world drop away. Soon after leaving the ground, they were crossing patches of stratus that lay in the valleys as heavy and white as glaciers. North for the first time. It was still an adventure, as exciting as love, as frightening. James Salter

70 kilometres of pure bliss.

Today's distance tally gave everyone on our team the wings needed to soar forward toward their lofty goal.

Matthieu Tordeur's above photo captured the glory of their first snow-kite success of this expedition, but the afternoon flow was hard earned.

Our team began their progress yesterday by earning each precious step. Now that they are operating at a higher altitude, the temperatures hover slightly above the freezing point during the day and well below 0°C at night. This allows the team to progress along ever-so-slightly frozen rivers instead of constantly wading through deep waters, as seen in this image of Lorenz below.

Our team navigated uncertain terrain until around 14:30 yesterday afternoon, when the sails of their 6 metre kites swelled and enabled them to zoom 70 kilometres forward.

After 11.5 hours of labour, they established their new camp at this location:

N 67 46 22

W 48 14 11

Everyone was completely exhilarated and exhausted at the same time. It took a healthy dose of self-discipline to refuel with hot food and drink before each weary soul dove deep into his or her sleeping bag.

Today when they awakened they were unfortunately confronted with freezing rain. Dixie made the early morning decision to allow everyone to rest in their relatively dry and comfortable tents while the weather outside did its thing. His hope is to recommence on the back side of this weather front when the winds are predicted to reappear.

For more information on their progress, please visit to the following links:

Expeditions Unlimited (French & English):

*includes tracking via LiveExplorer:

Matthieu Tordeur (French):

Instagram: @matthieutordeur

Facebook: @MatthieuTorduerAventure

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