• Julie Brown

Day 6 - Rotation

Yesterday's unique operations left us in awe of the sharp skills required by helicopter pilots in remote locations such as Greenland. We would like to profoundly thank Air Greenland and in particular Jorgen, our pilot extraordinaire, for safely transporting our team and its gear to a much more agreeable location. Merci, Matthieu, for the vibrant group photo and to Dixie for capturing the view from below during the delicate equipment drop.

The helicopter blades weren't the only objects rotating on the Greenland Ice Cap yesterday. It took Dixie and the team much of the afternoon to reorganise their gear from the drudgery of a sled-hauling odyssey to the (wind dependent) flow of a snow-kiting expedition.

Even though everyone was understandably exhausted by yesterday's unexpected events, they found the energy to leverage the opportunity to feel the literal wind in their sails. The breeze was admittedly marginal, but Dixie knew that any kite progress would add volumes to their mental game ... and it did.

After 2.6 kilometres of late afternoon progress, they established a remarkably comfortable camp in noticeably softer and flatter terrain. Their new position:

N 67 11 42

W 48 48 54

Late last night, Dixie proudly reported: Everything is good! All kites are in great working order, everyone is keen, and the terrain is much kinder!!

For more information on their progress, please visit to the following links:

Expeditions Unlimited (French & English):

*includes tracking via LiveExplorer:

Matthieu Tordeur (French):

Instagram: @matthieutordeur

Facebook: @MatthieuTorduerAventure

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