• Julie Brown

Day 5 - Early Impressions

An expedition of extended length requires an initial period of adaptation.

Yesterday was the first opportunity for each of our Greenland Crossing Teams to progress in its own rhythm. Cadence on an expedition takes time to establish, but if these images confirm, our teams are off to a grand start.

This morning's phone call with Manu came while our ambitious team was already on the move. The manhaul group decided to profit from the colder conditions of early morning and broke camp at 05:00 local time. The headwinds that have dominated the past few days have now blissfully subsided, and with the hardened ice conditions made solid in the night, the forward glide is much more advantageous than the mush of recent days.

For Henk-Jan's kite team, they continue to patiently progress by pulling their heavy sleds in manhaul fashion, a daily slur which requires faith in the fact that the wind will eventually blow in their favour. They are also highly aware that the sleds will lighten each day as they consume their food rations, which include generous amounts of Dixie's signature Belgian chocolate.

For both teams, this extraordinary weather has provided optimal visual pleasure due to clear skies and seemingly endless views stretching 360° around Greenland's pristine ice sheet.

You can follow these expeditions live on the following sites of our trusted partner in both French and English:

Manu's Team:

Henk-Jan's Team:

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