• Julie Brown

Day 4 - Repeat Performance

Yesterday's glorious sunset illuminated our team's newest encampment, a site that was chosen after a repeat performance of minimum distance gained amidst maximum effort expended.

Their current position:

N 67° 08 58

W 49° 54 02

After gaining a disappointing 2.26 kilometres yesterday, it is abundantly clear that the team will need to tweak its strategy regarding the ascent to the Greenland Ice Cap. The terrain is simply unforgiving and requires mandatory resilience of our adventurers. Adaptation is a compulsory characteristic of any ambitious expedition team member and this group is full of strong accomplished characters.

After a solid night's rest, Dixie is now leading the team in thoughtful consideration of their various options, with the focus on a safe and relatively expedient arrival to the kite-friendly plateau.

The weather continues to remain calm and stable. Everyone is in good health. The mental game - as it is with any expedition - requires creative positivity.

We await our team's plans and will share them with you once clarified by Dixie.

For more information on their progress, please visit to the following links:

Expeditions Unlimited (French & English):

*includes tracking via LiveExplorer:

Matthieu Tordeur (French):

Instagram: @matthieutordeur

Facebook: @MatthieuTorduerAventure

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