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Day 3 - Icecap Awakening

Dixie just received his planned phone call from our Greenland guides Manu and Henk-Jan. They were both ready and eager to gather their troops and begin Day 3 on the icecap.

The weather at the beginning of the expedition on Thursday was positively tropical, with bright sunshine, blue skies and unusually warm temperatures of +12°C. As the team progressed away from the coast and ascended up to the icecap, they experienced a drop in temperatures to +5°C during the day and -2°C during the night.

The climb to the icecap was made complicated by the ice rivers flowing from the glacier down to the coast which were exacerbated by prematurely warm temperatures. This forced the team to meander in search of higher "ground" in order to avoid having their boots submerged in rushing water, which of course meant more time necessary to cover a short initial distance of only 4 kilometres.

By the end of Day 2 yesterday, they were pushing through wet and heavy snow into headwinds of between 10-20 kilometres per hour under slightly overcast skies.

Our two teams are remaining together and clearly enjoying each other's company until the conditions allow for Henk-Jan, Cordula & Lorenz to launch their kites and sail forward. Rohan tested his satellite phone system last evening and was able to send a brief message to our Belgian HQ containing an image of their first campsite.

So far the participants are adapting well to the environmental conditions, although their clothing has been quite wet at the end of each day. The equipment is functioning very well and both guides report a good ambiance and high team spirit among the combined group.

You may also follow these expeditions live on the following sites in both French and English:

Manu's Team:

Henk-Jan's Team:

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