• Julie Brown

Day 25 - Valiant Attempts

Our entire team is digesting an admittedly draining day. Two attempts were made to execute the helicopter pickup of our Fantastic Four on the Greenland Ice Cap, but neither was a success.

The first attempt this morning ended in a turnaround when the pilot encountered prohibitive weather conditions and headed back to Upernavik. Dixie sent us a portrait of his team just a few minutes before they received the heartbreaking news that the attempt had failed.

The second helicopter rotation this afternoon made it to within 5 minutes of the camp's destination before the pilot was confronted with this wall of whiteout in front of him and was forced to turn back to Upernavik.

Matthieu, Cordula, Lorenz and Dixie are now back in their tents at the same position since they established this camp on Saturday night:

N 73 01 23

W 53 17 37

Our entire team will now take the night to rest and regroup. We have a variety of scenarios to consider and will be able to make new decisions depending on tomorrow's weather conditions.

For more information, please visit to the following links: Expeditions Unlimited (French & English): *includes tracking via LiveExplorer: Matthieu Tordeur (French): Instagram: @matthieutordeur Facebook: @MatthieuTorduerAventure

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