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Day 25 - Abrupt End for Henk-Jan's Team

Our guide Henk-Jan Geel suffered an unfortunate injury and was airlifted yesterday for medical attention in Tasiilaq. This brings an abrupt and clearly unwanted finish to an otherwise strong Greenland crossing expedition.

As posted at Expeditions Unlimited:

The Greenland kite expedition 2019 is over. They were picked up yesterday by helicopter 68 nautical miles west of Kulusuk. On their last expedition day, with a favourable wind strength and direction, Henk-Jan badly twisted his ankle in 30 cm deep snow. Not even kiting, he was maintaining a kite sail when he lost balance, fell, and the boot did not release from the ski binding. They were at 75 kilometres from the objective and one day of gorgeous kiting.

The team decided to stop from there. They are all safe and well in Tasiilaq.

On the whole, they have covered 585 kilometres in 23 days from Kangerlussuaq, which is very impressive in terms of speed. They snow kited approximately 150 kilometres.

It was a great expedition and we are very proud of them. We will give more information when they are back and we wish Henk-Jan a speedy and fine recovery.

Our Polar Experience team would like to congratulate Cordula and Lorenz on an impressive accomplishment during their strong Greenland crossing attempt, one which earned enormous respect due to the amount of perseverance required to make it this far without much cooperation from the wind. Our thoughts are with Henk-Jan, an amazing polar guide who has shown true grit during this challenging expedition.

Manu's ski team continues to push to the finish and are just 46 kilometres away from that goal. They are trudging through deep snow, conditions that are making their final piece of the journey difficult at best.

You may follow both teams via Live Explorer with live tracking provided by Expeditions Unlimited:

Manu's Manhaul Team:

Henk-Jan's Kite Team:

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