• Julie Brown

Day 23 - Escape from the Doldrums

Over the last 3 days, our Greenland teams have progressed in any manner possible. It has not always been pretty, but their determination offers deep inspiration.

Manu's ski team is approximately 113 kilometres from the finish. They have advanced using a variety of techniques that required creative imagination and a healthy dose of humour. As one can see in the above photo, the previous days have included a terrain of deep snow, a genuine hardship for all. The group has chosen to advance in the wee morning hours in order to take advantage of more sturdy surface.

Henk-Jan's kite team has FINALLY been able to kite! At this very moment, they have progressed 29 kilometres today and are still heading east via kite. According to Henk-Jan's latest calculations, they are approximately 107 kilometres from the finish.

Weather predictions for the coming days look good for both teams.

If all goes well, we should have something to celebrate by early next week.

You may follow both teams via Live Explorer with live tracking provided by Expeditions Unlimited:

Manu's Manhaul Team:

Henk-Jan's Kite Team:

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