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Day 21 - In Sync

Great day! Blue sky, even yet challenging terrain, all four of us in sync. Really a pleasure! Anticipating one of those magical sunsets again. Dixie's glowing update late last night rivalled the bright solar rays that shone upon them yesterday.

Matthieu Tordeur's glorious photo captured the vibe of our Greenland team. Easterly winds brought bright sunshine, sapphire skies and frigid temperatures. These optimal conditions allowed our adventurers to advance another 102 kilometres.

Their new position:

N 72 51 57

W 51 40 38

It was unfortunately a difficult night of interrupted sleep due to the deep cold that settled in this area of Greenland. Temperatures dipped below -30°C and by 08:00 this morning a slow warming trend brought the temperature up to -29°C. The wind also roared throughout the night with speeds exceeding 30 knots. In other words it was simply too dangerous to safely start as scheduled this morning. Dixie asked his team to wait in their tents an additional two hours in the hope that the bright morning sun would add warmth to their environment. The wind was also subsiding a bit.

What are their plans?

Today looks advantageous for another excellent kite extravaganza.

Time, however, is the one finite obstacle that has begun to force its limitations on our team. Professional commitments back home demand that people relatively stick to the schedule of this expedition's original planning. Acceptance of this fact is not easy.

It is clear that the team is now in range of Upernavik where arrangements are being made for a helicopter to extricate our team from the ice cap on Monday. Until then, Cordula, Lorenz, Matthieu and Dixie will do their best to keep their kites in the air as much as possible and enjoy every blessed minute that they still have in this pristine yet harsh environment.

This expedition is not yet finished ...

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