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Day 20 - Perseverance

Step by step, both Greenland teams are inching their way to the East Coast in their quest to complete their ambitious traverse.

Henk-Jan reported another day of pure resolute progression amidst conditions that just don't seem to give his team a break. Wind in the face. No chance of using the kites. Poor visibility. And still, they managed to move closer to their goal by 23 kilometres of sled pulling. They set up camp last night in a misty spot, but the sun broke through long enough to offer them a stunning view before they fell deep into a blissfully earned sleep.

Today's forecast shows more of the same weather that has dominated the last fews days: intermittent snow, poor visibility and little wind of use. The first break for our kite team in the near future appears to be on Thursday. In the meantime, they will continue to point in the right direction and earn each step the hard way.

Manu's team has had a rather unexpected visitor in the last days:

On Sunday, Rohan and Manu were joined in the tent by an affectionate bird who was rather determined to stay with our team. It slept the whole night with them and tried to cling to Manu's jacket during the breakdown of camp the next morning. Eventually, the bird flew away, a rare yet beautiful sign of nature amidst an otherwise barren ice cap.

Manu's team is progressing very strongly and is currently moving ahead of schedule. An expedition by definition is an adventure, and thus we cannot predict if their pace will sustain during the next few days. However, each report from their camp tells of a positive group with lots of humour.

You may follow both teams via Live Explorer with live tracking provided by Expeditions Unlimited:

Manu's Manhaul Team:

Henk-Jan's Kite Team:

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