• Julie Brown

Day 20 - "Kitemare"

Our team rode the Greenland ice waves yesterday like cowboys in a rodeo. While Dixie described the challenging progress as a "kitemare," the team still managed to advance another 50 kilometres northward.

The team's new position:

N 72 12 34

W 49 32 47

Dixie was deeply surprised to encounter a wide swath of sastrugi yesterday, a labyrinth of hard icy obstacles worthy of the Antarctic Plateau. By midday, however, the terrain shifted into patches of soft, deep snow which slowed the team in another fashion.

That they were able to still cover 50 kilometres in such conditions is a testament to their kiting skills and resilient natures, although everyone on the team admits that the frustrations are very real.

This morning as usual Matthieu, Lorenz and Cordula were ready to go and tackle another day. Clear skies are in the forecast and we wish them a spectacular glide to their next campsite.

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