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Day 18 - Aeolus

The generous Greek god, keeper of the wind, was smiling upon our Greenland team yesterday.

Riding what was the precursor to an impressive storm, our team soared another 84,5 kilometres northward.

Dixie shared with us his detailed account of the day:

This morning there was still no decent visibility, but we trusted Marc's weather forecast of an expected clearing and packed up camp. We were generously rewarded two hours later when, in the blink of an eye, Mother Nature commanded Aeolus to assist us.

Between 10:00 - 15:45 we did little else than make big sinus's (Figure 8's) with our kites in the air. It takes about 6 seconds to design one of these power-enhancing moves which creates speed; in 10 minutes that makes for 600 movements an hour. Imagine being in a fitness centre and pulling a weight machine with independent levers toward your chest ... and do that for several thousand rotations. Intense!

Luckily, the wind provided refreshment which was heavenly.

By the end of our workday, the gusts were becoming quite impressive and before we knew it we were dining while a full-fledged storm began to build outside.

Aided by our deep fatigue from the day's physical labour, we were able to sleep despite the rage outside, with wind gusts of 40 knots (or approximately 75 kilometres per hour).

The storm continued unabated throughout the night and was still seething this morning at 08:00 during Dixie's scheduled phone call.

Their new position:

N 71 45 52

W 49 12 52

Everyone is safe and relatively warm inside the tents, where they expect to spend a good portion of the day. The temperatures with this storm have dipped below the -20°C mark, making for high risk of frostbite if they spend too much time exposed. Dixie plans to take no chances and the team is completely agreeable to his conservative approach.

After yesterday's magnificent progress, the team is in great spirits!

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