• Julie Brown

Day 17 - Midway

Believe you can do it and you're halfway there. Theodore Roosevelt

Our Greenland teams are at the mid-distance point of their respective expeditions. It's all downhill (literally!) from here.

The last few days have included a rhythmic progression for Manu and his team, a slog made more intense due to decreased visibility caused by fog. Yesterday they advanced 28 kilometres and have thus passed the theoretical halfway point in distance of their Greenland crossing.

Henk-Jan's team were elated to report that they covered an amazing 65 kilometres yesterday via snow kite, their first official day where the wind cooperated with them. Spirits were rightfully high and their admirable patience was finally rewarded.

The temperatures in the middle of the Greenland Icecap have been dipping to around -15°C with highs reaching -6°C during the day. Tomorrow they are expecting some significant snowfall and the forecast calls for diving temperatures on Monday of about -22°C.

You may follow both teams via Live Explorer with live tracking provided by Expeditions Unlimited:

Manu's Manhaul Team:

Henk-Jan's Kite Team:

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