• Julie Brown

Day 17 - Fairy Land

In conditions that challenged them throughout the day, our team cautiously picked its way through a snow drenched fairy land and eked out 44 kilometres of progress.

Their new position:

N 71 00 16

W 49 13 44

Dixie described yesterday's advancement:

After breakfast, I saw a few faint signs of horizon from our camp and so I proposed that we get going. As soon as we left camp, it started snowing and at the same time the wind slightly increased. It was definitely a love-hate kinda thing.

I was forced to remove my goggles to be able to pick up the slightest clue to see the snow surface. In the meantime I had to look back ever few seconds to check on my trio, relieved each time that I saw their three kites in the air. Stressful.

The tension was broken by the sublime beauty of the powder snow in my wake. Mesmerising!

In the afternoon a thick downpour of snowfall forced us to stop and admire the crazy thick snowflakes that artfully dropped all around us. Fairy Land!

Just as we had begun to set up our new camp, the snow shower lessened and the horizon's elusive view beckoned us to try a bit more ... so we regrouped and headed back out to grab a few more kilometres.

We finished the day proud of each centimetre headway in very difficult conditions.

This morning the team awoke to whiteout conditions although the forecast calls for clearing around noon. Cordula, Lorenz, Matthieu & Dixie were eager to spend the morning on photography and imagery organisation before they will hopefully depart for a big day. We're doing our best to sprinkle virtual fairy dust in their midst.

For more information on our team's progress, please visit to the following links:

Expeditions Unlimited (French & English): *includes tracking via LiveExplorer:

Matthieu Tordeur (French):

Instagram: @matthieutordeur

Facebook: @MatthieuTorduerAventure

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