• Julie Brown

Day 16 - "And on the 7th day ..."

... our Greenland team was forced to live a traditional Sunday rest.

Dixie wrote:

No visibility. No wind. No go.

I took a walk to soak up the place. I felt like a prisoner going around in small circles in our snowy courtyard, all the while using the tents as reference points as the visibility was down to zero.

Later in the day, when things ever-so-slightly improved, Cordula asked me to join her on a ski circuit around our camp. It did us both well.

Matthieu and Dixie then continued their Yahtzee game streak in the tent, as well as enjoyed some precious reading time, but everyone admitted to growing impatient for some full kite days.

And then, this morning, the situation appeared cautiously optimistic.

Dixie phoned for his scheduled 08:00 update and reported that the conditions outside were looking "O.K." The temperature was an agreeable -13°C and the wind was signalling its sluggish attempt to blow. The team aimed to pack up camp and depart within the hour.

And so begins another work week on the Greenland Ice Cap.

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