• Julie Brown

Day 15 - Nomads

With visibility on the edge, Dixie cautiously led his team through a delicate maze along the Greenland Ice Cap.

Using creativity and determination, our team managed to progress an additional 51 kilometres yesterday. They descended slightly to an altitude of 1849 metres and established their new camp at:

N 70 44 23

W 48 18 39

Everyone remains eager and motivated, even though they awakened this morning to zero visibility outside of their tents. In what is now a familiar routine among the non-routine, Matthieu, Cordula, Lorenz and Dixie will operate on stand-by in the hope for better conditions later today.

In Dixie's words, We are nomads.

For more information on our team's progress, please visit to the following links: Expeditions Unlimited (French & English): *includes tracking via LiveExplorer: Matthieu Tordeur (French): Instagram: @matthieutordeur Facebook: @MatthieuTorduerAventure

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