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Day 14 - Breaking the Monotony

Henk-Jan and his team arrived yesterday at Dye 2 and were promptly rewarded with fresh fuel and a welcome respite from two weeks of stove improvisation.

Cordula, Lorenz and Henk-Jan are enjoying a brief hiatus at Dye 2 and like Manu's team have decided to extend their rest period a bit longer than normal. These last fourteen days have been more challenging than expected due to the poor quality fuel that was provided to them at departure and the treacherous head winds of the past few days have also taken a toll. The team cleaned their stoves and made them immediately purr with fresh benzine which was generously provided to them at Raven Camp.

The weather forecast, however, has them eager to get moving and ... hopefully ... via snow kite. It appears that tomorrow will be their first real chance to cover a significant number of kilometres via (finally!) a cooperative wind speed and direction. We shall see if these predictions hold true.

Manu's team has spent the last two days covering relatively shorter yet respectable distances due to the punishing winds that have plagued them since they departed Dye 2. They are looking forward to reaching the ice sheet's high point, but still have a few days of distance to cover before doing so.

After two weeks on the expedition trail, both of our Greenland Crossing teams are facing a crucial moment of accumulated monotony. This juncture arrives in any polar expedition whereby the body begins to rely on the mind for new stimuli. A barren landscape such as the Greenland Ice Cap provides little in the way of external visual arousal, and thus imaginative strength needs to take over.

Each of our participants has spent months training for such mental provocation, and they are clearly intellectually and emotionally ready to tackle any monotony that attempts to compromise their motivation. During our daily communications, we sense an enormous amount of positivity and determination coming from their respective camps.

You may follow both teams via Live Explorer with live tracking provided by Expeditions Unlimited:

Manu's Manhaul Team:

Henk-Jan's Kite Team:

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