• Julie Brown

Day 14 - Blizzard

Marc De Keyser, our trusty expedition weather wizard, warned that an inclement system would be approaching. As usual, his forecast was spot-on.

What started yesterday as a heavy breeze developed into storm winds and eventually manifested into a full-blown blizzard. By late morning, there was little to no visibility and thus the team retreated into its now familiar waiting modus.

In the late afternoon, Dixie and Matthieu recreated their neighbourly coffee klatsch routine with Cordula and Lorenz and Dixie was able to snap this attractive portrait of our dear Swiss-German duo.

Last evening, Dixie expressed the general mood of the entire team: We keep up our spirits and never lose hope, allowing the privilege of simply being here to take over when we start to dip. Tomorrow is another fine day with the door wide open for opportunity.

This morning our team awakened at their same position with slightly improved conditions and a somewhat balmy temperature of -9°C. In Dixie's words: We will try to make it happen.

The plan is to pack up camp and get moving, perhaps even descend to a bit lower altitude depending on the wind and snow conditions. While Marc's forecast for today is not promising, Dixie is prioritising the psychological need to change the camp's scenery, a relatable sentiment for many of us in these challenging times.

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